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AVS Video Remaker can edit video files without reconversion
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AVS Video Remaker can help you edit video files without the need for reconversion. Its main use is to cut some unwanted scenes from video recordings. Although intuitive, the interface has so many elements that understanding it may require a little effort, mostly from those users with little experience in media conversion and editing. However, as soon as you use the application a couple of times, you will probably find no difficulty anymore.

As it is clear from the buttons on the left pane, this program supports three types of input. Like in most programs of this type, you can add files from your hard disk. As it can be seen from the open input video dialog box, the program supports a wide array of formats. Another source is to record video directly from your webcam or similar device. Finally, you can also capture a part of the screen. In order to do this, you just need to play a video in your default player, select an area to capture, and then record the clip as you would normally do. You can add as many elements as you need as long as they have been recorded in the same format.

Important elements in the interface are the timeline and the preview screen. These, together with the playback buttons, can help you find the exact segments you wish to erase. There are also buttons to move to the next or previous key frames, which allow you to find the exact frame where another scene begins. Other useful features allow you to add transitions, create chapters, compose fancy disc menus and burn discs.

In general, AVS Video Remaker is a rather comprehensive application intended for standard users. It allows creating videos with decent quality. As it performs no reconversion, perhaps its main advantage is its speed. However, the fact that it does not allow adding clips with different parameters can be a serious limitation. Therefore, if you are looking for a very sophisticated video-editing solution, you should keep looking elsewhere.

Pedro Castro
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  • It features automatic scenes and key frames
  • It is relatively easy to use
  • It allows editing without reconversion, so the process is very fast
  • It allows recording video from a camera and directly from the computer's screen
  • There is no quality loss during remaking


  • It does not allow adding video clips with different parameters as source files
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