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AVS Video ReMaker can help you create your own clips
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AVS Video ReMaker can help you create your own clips. It is actually a suite of applications perfectly integrated around a single purpose. Although it has a nice and intuitive interface, some users may find some difficulties while editing video.

The video editor supports practically all popular video formats as source files. It allows previewing the clips and while you do that, you can also take snapshots of your favorite frames. Luckily, the application can detect scenes automatically, which will save a lot of your time and effort. Besides, it supports a very handy way to zoom in the timeline at a particular scene. You can use this tool to perform common editing operations, such as merging various files, splitting videos, and trimming unwanted sections. It also lets you add transitions between scenes. However, it does not seem to support cropping the frame area. Once you have finished editing, you can proceed to create the output video. Fortunately, it lets you edit video without re-encoding, which reduces the processing time significantly. However, the downside of this is that all source files you need to use have the same codec and format.

Not only standard files can be used as video source because the application also allows recording video from a camera and capturing a part or the whole screen. Besides, it can be set to record whatever happens within a selected window. What is more, the program lets you draw on the screen while it records what you are doing. Finally, it lets you preview the captured video.

In general, AVS Video ReMaker is an excellent application for those users who need to carry out basic editing actions. However, it is not suitable for more sophisticated operations.

Juan Perez
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Review summary


  • It allows editing video without reconversion
  • It is relatively easy to use
  • It can detect scenes automatically
  • It supports a wide range of formats


  • All the source files need to use the same codec
  • It does not allow you to crop undesired frame areas
  • It can not help you carry out sophisticated video editing operations
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